10th May 2018

Mueller Sports Medicine


Mueller Sports Medicine are a leading international sports medicine company that continue to develop and introduce new and innovative products around the world including braces, supports, taping and taping supplies.

For over 50 years, Mueller Sports Medicine has stayed close to the changing needs of athletes, be they weekend warriors or international superstars. The mission never changes: Help athletes stay in the game and help them perform at their peak.

Company Overview

Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc. is a family-owned business started in 1961 by Curt Mueller. Curt’s inside knowledge of the athletic demands placed on the body during sports helped steer him towards sports medicine and the founding of Mueller in the basement of his father’s pharmacy.

Athletes worldwide have been succeeding with Mueller products since the early 1960s. Early offerings such as M-Tape®, M-Wrap®, the Medi-Kit™ trainer’s kit, and Quench® Mist proved to be training room stalwarts and forerunners to what would become a new retail category. By the early 1980’s, Mueller had introduced the retail world to a unique way of marketing sports medicine products. Having raised the bar in the training room, a complete line of patented braces and supports under the Mueller Sport Care® brand brought world-class products to athletes at all levels.

Mueller remains on the cutting edge of technology and continues to offer new and innovative products and has established itself as the undisputed sports medicine leader.


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